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What is the speaker price in Bangladesh?

Computer multimedia speaker is a kind of output device that generally delivers the sound of hardware fault reports and also used in the world of entertainment such as movies, games, etc. Computer speakers range extensively in a variety of portable USB speakers, wireless Bluetooth speakers, mini speakers, multimedia 2.1 Speaker, 5.1 gaming and movie speaker, surround sub-woofer speaker, stereo speaker,s and home theaters, etc. Speaker or sound system is also known as soundbox in Bangladesh.

Take a look at the specifications:

At the time of purchase, you will see that the specification of the speaker is mentioned on the package. Watt, frequency, signal ratio, input-output system are written. If you know the meaning of these, you can decide for yourself which speaker is better for you. The calculation of frequency ratio is usually given in hertz. The higher the number, the more noise the speaker can generate. Watt power consumption is usually calculated. It indicates how much electricity a speaker works on.

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